Meet the founders of Lisbon Unlocked

Lasma and Flavio: founders of Lisbon Unlocked

Hello from Lasma and Flavio!

Lasma, originally from Latvia, and Flavio, originally from Italy, are the creators behind this travel blog.

We met in Latvia and moved to Lisbon in 2017 together. In 2021 we started traveling full-time just to end up back in Lisbon once again in 2024.

During these years in Lisbon, we have explored the Portuguese capital extensively. We both share a passion for traveling, local experiences, food, and photography.

We started this travel blog to share our passion with YOU. Our Lisbon travel guides will help you plan your trip and cover a lot of useful travel tips. Topped with hidden gems and local insights.

Want to Unlock Lisbon with us? Start with these Lisbon Travel Tips!